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  • Home Building in Tijuana

    Spectrum Ministries helps build 14 ft x 16 ft one room starter houses for families in Tijuana. This house can change families lives. The cost of the house is $2,000, and only takes 1 day to build.
  • Orphanages

    Spectrum Ministries supports 4 orphanages in Tijuana, Mexico. Your support will help provide meals, clothes, and supplies to the children.
  • Jail Ministry

    We work on a weekly basis in the Tijuana Youth Rehabilitation Center or “Children’s Jail.” We preach, do fun activities, show videos and help counsel the teens as apart of our ministry there. It is obvious that there is one thing in common with each teenager at the “Childrens’s Jail.” They all wanted to matter! They wanted to leave their mark, and we have the opportunity to help them with the love of Jesus
Weekly Update 5-11-16

It is an easy thing to say that another year of Spectrum Boy’s Camp is now under our belt. It would be just as easy to just sit at the computer and tell our readers that it was “amazing” and “awesome”! We could list all of the cool games that were played and highlight the meaning of the skits behind this year’s theme “Quien es El Redentor?” (“Who is the Redeemer?”) and, we could tell you all about the activities during free time and the food that was put away in just 72 hours! But, how can we put into words the sights and feelings of so many things…like the laughter we heard as kids played joyfully without a care in the world…the satisfaction from getting a full belly at mealtimes…the excitement on faces when eating a ...

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