Cemi Retreat

Our Spectrum CEMI Retreat (Tijuana’s youth detention center) is a quarterly event we put on for approximately thirty inmates.  These young men, as well as a few young women are unable to leave the detention center so Spectrum brings the retreat to them!  The retreat is spread out over three days, February 18-20th and the cost is $600 for all the food and supplies.  Any gift to help is appreciated and funds given above and beyond that amount will be used for the weekly Bible studies or future CEMI retreats.  

This includes good home cooked Mexican food, fun games, as well as worship and Bible teachers from Spectrum and surrounding churches.  And it’s not just the inmates who are hearing what’s being taught.  At last October’s event, a female prison guard gave her life to Christ!

Would you consider contributing to help us fund this upcoming retreat?  If so, click on our donate button below and be a part of all that God is doing in the lives of these young men and women at CEMI.  Thank you for your much needed prayers and support!

Donation Options: $25, $50, $100, $250, and $600.

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