Visions of Christmas Joy!

October 26, 2017

First published in 1845, “The Little Match Girl” by Hans Christian Anderson is the story of a young impoverished girl who is trying to sell matches on the streets of New York.  This tragic short story paints a dismal picture of life for the poor in the 1840s but also carries with it that grim hope of a fairy tale with visions of huge Christmas trees and shooting stars appearing before the young match girl.

For our children on the streets and in the homes of Tijuana, life paints a very similar picture.  There is such bleakness on the hills and dusty roads that take us to the neighborhoods we serve.  But, just like the little girl in the story, these children have visions, too—visions of Christmas lights, a satisfying meal in which they can actually eat until they are “full”, and, of course, a Christmas toy that is specially given to them for their very own!

If you would like to help spread some Christmas joy to the more than one thousand children in our five neighborhoods, please send in your donations soon!  We will be purchasing new toys, sorting through donated toys, crossing the border many times, and re-filling the Cool Bus from now until the end of December, when we wrap up our final neighborhood on December 29th.  Make sure that you mark your monetary donations for “toy drive”.  If you would like to send in new toys- things like cars, dolls, soccer balls, bead kits, etc. are all popular with the children.  (Please, no toys with batteries or instructions in English.)

With your love and support, we can make a child’s vision a reality and not just merely a fairy tale!