Third Millennium Ministries

May 23, 2018

Loving God.  Loving People in Tijuana Mexico.  This has been the tagline throughout the years at Spectrum Ministries.  But, what does that really equate to in the whole scheme of things?  Right now, Spectrum Ministries is fully committed to bringing God’s Word to the families in our neighborhoods.  We want to share the Good News with men, women, and children, alike.  Being able to serve and assist in daily needs is always a good way to build relationships and get to know people.  But, spiritual salvation is how we can help meet their most important need.

In order to provide solid doctrine to the people in Tijuana Mexico, it will require more than just Loving God.  We need to continue our own growth, knowledge, and understanding of God’s Word.  Although we all come from different backgrounds, and are at different stages in our walk with God, we can all use more time studying and building on the knowledge and understanding we have.  In just the past few weeks, Matt has begun leading a bible study before our staff meeting on Monday’s based on the online library of video instruction and research tools by Third Millennium Ministries.


The mission of Third Mill is to prepare Christian leaders to lead a transformation of the world into God's Kingdom by providing biblical education, for the world, for free.  Their top priority is to spread the will of God to every corner of the earth through the gospel of Christ.  We are really excited to have this opportunity for personal growth within our Spectrum staff.  Whether it is in school, in life, or in our spiritual journey, we understand that when you know better you do better!