Ministering Generationally

February 26, 2019

Tijuana Mexico spectrum mexico

We are now helping out the children of “children” we used to bathe. One thing that we love about Spectrum is that it precedes most of us on staff yet it is something that brings old friends back together. We are thankful with God because of all the connections and relationships that have been formed through our activity/bath days with people in the communities that we visit.

Last activity day when we were in Grupo Mexico, or better known as Bola, Lily had the opportunity to hug two ladies that used to come to club about ten years ago. Now, both of these ladies bring their own kids to our activity’s days. Serving in Tijuana is not always the easiest. It is certainly hard soil and we don’t always see tangible results. Also, it sometimes feels like we are treading on a treadmill, doing things over and over in the same cycle. However, little by little Spectrum Ministries has made an impact in people’s life in each of our communities and we can see it each time that people come back after years and share with us where God has led them in life.

There are many new stories being made each year in the neighborhoods, orphanages, and senior’s homes. There are possibly more anecdotes just waiting to be told from the past three decades. We just need to be patient and continue the relationships with open ears and await the forth-telling of each person’s God-story.  We are all impacted by God’s works in Tijuana and we love to be used to be an impact in others’ lives.