Meet our staff person of the month

March 03, 2017

Megan Guzman (pictured with husband, Salomon)

Megan's Family:  My little family consists of my husband, Salomon, our 17 year old niece, Genesis, myself, and our pudgy cat, Lola.
How did you get involved with Spectrum:  I got involved with Spectrum when I embarked on my first missions trip with my youth group in Michigan when I was 15 years old. From that first trip I knew God was calling me to the mission field, and more specifically Tijuana, Mexico. At the time I didn’t know if it would be with Spectrum or how in the world I would end up back down here, but God had such a fascinating way of working all that out and now I’m here.
My job duties with Spectrum include Monday night Kids Club, (and Coming soon--Tuesday night Kids Club), Thursday and Saturday Activity Days where I am in charge of de-lousing the girls, and when we have groups come, my husband and I head up 'Feed the Neighborhood' which is a food distribution ministry.
Positives and Challenges in ministry: I absolutely love meeting people and building relationships! I feel that working with girls who have lice, has opened up a unique opportunity to blossom a friendship and trust with our girls in the neighborhoods. Having head lice, many of the girls feel embarrassed and ashamed.  In this kind of situation I am able to put them at ease with kindness, a smile, and some conversation. It’s through those conversations that sometimes reveals to us what is going on in their home life and how we can best be praying for them.
Though there are so many positives there are many challenges as well. Down here, time and technology are our worst enemies when it comes to reaching kids. Realistically we have until the age of 12-13 (sometimes younger) before they start making the life changing decisions that are going to dictate which path they will be choosing for their life. This is a hard truth and can be discouraging when you invest so much time and love into these kids lives trying to take every opportunity to point them to Christ and then see them take that path that’s going to lead to destruction. It’s the worst. On a lighter note, this challenge pushes us to persevere and not to take a moment for granted in showing and telling them of what Jesus did for us on the cross.
Life in Tijuana: Living in Tijuana has its ups and downs. We of course love the food...haha! The driving can get a little crazy sometimes, but I feel like I’ve mastered it pretty well. Let’s just say the car horn is vital to your survival down here!
Hobbies you enjoy:   Hmm…… well I love reading, coffee and tea, listening to all kinds of music, coloring, and I love old movies. Anything with Carey Grant or Audrey Hepburn is a favorite for sure!
If you had a "super power” what would it be and why:  Oh man! To me this one is easy! I joke with my family about it all the time. If I had a superpower I would want it to be teleportation! It would be so fantastic to be able to just poof back home for holidays and family dinners or even just a hug whenever I wanted to with the snap of my fingers.