Matt Multi-Tasking

February 24, 2017

Spring Spruce-Up Comes to the Spectrum Dorm!

Okay, so spring is still a month away…we get it.  But, hey, why put-off until later what you can do now, right?!  And, another good one--many hands make for light work.  So in keeping with these themes, a couple of Saturdays when we were all off, our staff came together in a BIG way!  We don’t want to give away everything we did, but, let’s just say that there was paint involved… a lot of it!  There was a lot of scrubbing with steel wool and scouring pads…with a lot of elbow grease!  And, have you ever seen what long-term use of a grill and grease can result in??  Trust me…you probably don’t want to know!  All-in-all it was a fun day of hard work, eating two of our favorites – donuts and pizza, and just seeing our team come together outside of our regular work day for a different kind of work day!


We definitely made a lot of progress, but, there are still more improvements we would like to do in the weeks and months ahead, with God’s provisions.  When our groups come to work alongside us for a short-term mission trip, they really work very hard and put in some long days.  So, when it’s time to come back to the dorm in the evenings, we want them to have a place to unwind and relax a little.  We want to provide a clean, calming environment that will be practical, yet, comfortable.  If you have a trip booked with us, we are looking forward to you joining us!  If you are thinking of booking a trip with us and haven’t yet, our fall calendar is open and ready to begin booking throughout the end of the year!