"LUZ" Spectrum Boy’s Camp 2018

May 11, 2018

What exactly is Spectrum Boy’s Camp?

You hear it for months before the date actually arrives.  We are praying, asking you to pray, and praying some more that everything would come together, we would have safe travels down to Ensenada, that the funds would come in to cover the costs, and, most importantly, that lives would be changed.  So what exactly happened this past weekend you may be wondering?  Well, let me tell you…prayers were definitely answered!!

Ninety boys and about forty volunteers and staff set out on Friday morning, stopping for fish tacos along the way.  As it happens, the bus broke down about halfway there, but thankfully the boys riding the bus were re-distributed to other vehicles and the bus was repaired!  The weather was amazing for exploring the camp, having outside games, making s’mores, and having hours of fun in the pool.  The boys enjoyed some yummy and “filling” meals each day, something they don’t always get at home.  They played and ate to their hearts content. 

Then, there was the time of worship and teaching.  We are so blessed with such remarkable, creative, and spirit-filled adults who poured into these boys time and time again.  With each session, the boys didn’t become bored, as children sometimes do.  Instead, they became more interested, more excited, and by the end of camp, several of these boys made the decision to accept Christ into their hearts and lives! 

So what exactly is Boy’s Camp?  It’s all we could have hoped for and more.  Thank you for being in the details of each life of each child by making this past weekend happen.