Home Sweet Home

December 04, 2016

What could be cozier this time of year, than to come in out of the chilly air to a nice warm and dry home?  When you have been living in a literal shack with no floor and cracks throughout, a safe and warm home is like a true dream come true!

For years, Spectrum Ministries has been blessed to have groups come down to build a home for needy families.  Some come with little to no house building experience, whatsoever.  They pick up hammers and carry lumber, play with the neighborhood kids, and raise the walls to get the job done.  Others have professional contractor and building experience.  They cut boards, do roofing, and “square up” the walls, all the while biting their tongue because it isn’t “up to code” by American standards!  Working from early in the morning until late in the afternoon, they build a house from start to finish in a day!

build a house in tijuana mexico

What a blessing it has been to give keys to several families these past few weeks for their new homes. They are so thankful for a new start in their new homes.  We are thankful for the teams who come and give of themselves and not only fund the building of a home, but, actually build it, too!

build a home in tijuana
Over the next few weeks, these same families will get a visit from Spectrum staff.  We will be checking in with them and giving them a family Bible to treasure for years to come.  We will be taking time to do a little gardening and sharing a new flower or plant for their new home, as well.  We are thankful for giving these families a reason to say “Home Sweet Home” at Christmas and for years to come!