CEMI Retreat

October 09, 2017

Cemi Retreat Update: Three inmates came to faith


     The theme of the three days in the juvenile detention center was, “It’s all about God”. The scripture is clear that Jesus was God.

       For the past several years, some inmates that are attending other religious meetings continue to come to our Spectrum retreats. One of them is Adrian.  This young man was attentive to each teaching that was given. God is doing an amazing work in his life. May you please pray for him, that he may let go of the religious system of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and, one day, by faith, he will receive Jesus?  There were great teachings from great men of God. One of them taught about “Who was God in the flesh?” and, another spoke about, “Was it God or Satan?” These young men heard how they can know God, and how they can seek God. They learned about God's judgment, and learned how we as Christians can face our giants with God, and how we can grow spiritually each day reading the word of God. These three days were a success in sharing God's word.

        So much happened in just three days. The teams played bowling, tug-of-war, water balloons, and of course, we had some eating contests of “who can eat the Negritos, Penguinos, and other sorts of Twinkies” for fun. When I was in prison, Butterfingers was one of the things I missed. When you're incarcerated for some time, anything from the outside tastes good. The team that came to help had a blast and were a blessing to serve with. 

       I shared the last message on eating a scroll from God. It came from Ezekiel chapter 3:1-10.  At the end, I gave an altar call and three youngsters accepted Jesus.  My next step is to buy an inflatable pool. Because next week, I will be getting ready to baptize some inmates!

      Judith, and my wife, Robin, did an amazing job with the two young girls in the girl’s youth prison. One of the girls is 15 and pregnant and due in October.  They have been teaching these girls through a Christ- centered 12-step program ‘Celebrate Recovery’. There was also a time for some games and time to just spend sharing with them.  Their relationships are growing closer and closer as each week goes by. I'd like to thank you for praying for these men and the two young ladies as well.  


Serving Across the Border with Spectrum Ministries! 

Carlos Oliveros