Boys will be boys!

March 28, 2018

Boys will be Boys


When you look into the faces of the boys in the photo above (taken last year at camp), you will see a lot of things… from the tough guys, to the kids who are feeling a little lost or out of place, to the boys who are having the time of their lives, to those who are just being outright silly.  But, no matter what face you gaze in to, we can all probably relate to at least one of them, even as adults. 


We are excitedly counting down the five weeks until this year’s much anticipated Spectrum Boy’s Camp 2018!  And, boy-oh-boy, is it a fun, exciting, worshipful, tiring, spirit-fed adventure!  Our leaders are busy preparing for the music, dramas, skits, and bible stories to bring this year’s presentation to life.  “Luz” is our theme, where we will journey into an underground town of miners living in darkness, who are earnestly seeking the Light (Luz). We will be exploring with the boys how Jesus Christ is the light that brings us out of a dark and hopeless world.  Our joy and our hope is to make sure that no matter what “face” you put on for the camera, hidden within all of our hearts, is the love and light of Jesus Christ—our hope and our salvation.


Would you like to help us get over 120 boys to camp this year?  It costs just $50 to send a child to camp for three days…three days that could ultimately change the course of a life-- An opportunity to bring light into the dark and hopeless lives of these awesome kids!  You can sponsor one or more kids by clicking on the DONATE button below, or you can send in a check to Spectrum Ministries.  Please indicate that your donation is for “boy’s camp”.  We appreciate you and your faithfulness to this ministry!